About us


SunDevice is a fast-growing B2B marketplace of used smartphones and tablets. Founded in 2017, our aim is to provide all smartphone retailers access to high-quality devices at a competitive price. Through our relationships with major actors in the used smartphone industry, we can guarantee consistent quality and inventory.


All of the devices we supply go through a rigorous testing and grading system. All phones must pass 28 key feature tests (see more about the 28 test) in order to be graded cosmetically (see more about grading). Once graded, based on a trace of wear and scratches, the units are stored and ready to be shipped.


Eric Khalifa is the founder of Sun Device. Launching the B2B platform in Europe, he managed the development and achieved a gross revenue of over 8 million euros. In 2019, he partnered with Guy Amanou in order to launch Sun Device in latin America and USA.

In the telecom business since 1997, and in the repair industry since 2007. Eric is well acquainted with the pre-owned cellphone market.